Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VACAY NIBBLET: For that person living under the rock who HASN'T seen this video yet

You bitches have no idea what you're in for on September 26. Especially you, Talia. Sayin'


Anna said...

I still love this, even though I watched it toooo many times.

Chatham said...

Ohhhh... Are you going to up the game?? Love it!

Bellacantare said...

I totally think that's the best idea EVER! Why does the wedding procession have to be so solemn. I say, GET THE PARTY STARTED! woot!

Deidre said...

a. I feel obligated to rewatch it every time someone posts it due to awesomeness
b. I then get sucked into other crazy wedding dance ideas (like the people who did wedding dance evolution...awesome).


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