Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

I love Peter Bjorn and John. I enjoy them so much that if I had triplets right now I'd seriously consider naming them Peter, Bjorn, and John because I like the ring of it that much. It's sort of like Peter Paul and Mary minus the whole Puff the Magic Dragon thing, which is kind of creepy, frankly, I don't care how much you loved that imaginary dragon when you were five. I'm also not sure why the idea of triplets popped into my head right now. It's probably because I had another dream that I was pregnant last night, which seems to be happening in alarming frequency now that the wedding is coming up. The worst part is in my dreams, I never realize I'm pregnant until I'm walking down the aisle or getting ready to put on my wedding dress and all of a sudden I look down and I've got this huge basketball-sized stomach and I'm all, "holy shit I'm pregnant." And everyone else is like "how the hell did THAT happen?" as if they don't know about the whole P in V thing, and I kind of just shrug because now is not the time for biology class. And then I panic because first of all, my dress does NOT work with pregnant belly, and two, I have been drinking a lot over the past nine months and now this baby is definitely going to have some problems and it's all my fault.

ANYWAY. A lot of people nodded their heads in approval when "Young Folks" hit the popular music scene a couple of years ago, but Peter Bjorn and John have been releasing a relatively steady stream of albums that proves that they are, in fact, fecking awesome. And perhaps best of all? They seem like damn funny guys.



Shelley Greenberg said...

I'VE BEEN HAVING PREGNANT DREAMS TOO! Sometimes it's me but a few weeks ago, I had two dreams about a week apart about two different friends both being seven months pregnant.

Shelley Greenberg said...

Also, lots of dreams about forgetting xyz - you name it - and not realizing until like an hour before the wedding.

The other night I dreamed that I forgot to write my vows and I didn't think of it until the day of the wedding.

For some reason, it was the wedding day and Andreas and I were standing in a grocery store and all of a sudden I was like, "Crap! I forgot to write my vows?"

And he was all like, "WTF!? You forgot to write your vows?"

And I was like, "Did you do it?"

And he was like, "Umm, yeah!!"

And then the rest of the dream was about trying to find a pen and paper so I could write them.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting married in November and I have pregnancy dreams all the time! I actually even had a scare last month, but turns out my doctor just sucks and didn't share that sometimes ladies on my new pill don't have periods. It totally ruined a good weekend of drinking in Chicago (there was actually a sign above a bar that had the warning about consuming alcohol while pregnant... I took that as a sign I was knocked up for sure). Three tests and a couple frantic calls to the doc later and we know we're safe!

Bradford Pearson said...

I have nothing to add, vis a vis being preggo, but PB&J put on one hell of a live show. Saw them at the 9:30 Club in DC earlier this year. Fantastic.

Anna said...

I hate pregnant dreams! Freak.Me.Out.


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