Friday, October 16, 2009

I can't wait until I can once again associate the word "marathon" with really long days of drinking beer

I'm driving up to Massachusetts after work today for a full-out, weekend-long house-hunting marathon. Because as the world has been ever so politely reminding us, WE ONLY HAVE 43 MORE DAYS TO CLOSE ON A HOUSE TO GET THE $8,000 TAX REBATE. And, as you might imagine, house hunting from 350 miles away can be a tad difficult, what with the distance and work schedules and the distance and the time crunch and the distance getting in the way.

And because of these aforementioned difficulties, B will not be accompanying me on this little expedition. Because SOMEONE has to teach those ladies how to swing a tennis racquet this weekend. Instead, my other husband will be joining me: my mom. I bet B's parents didn't know that when I married into the family, they also got my mom as a package deal, cause that's how we roll.

Also accompanying us on this trip will be a motherflipping nor'easter. Cause apparently that's how Northeast U.S. weather rolls too.

Anyway. We have approximately 8 crazilion houses on our list to look at this weekend because, again, that distance thing makes popping up there not quite the easiest thing in the world. Also on our list: beer. And all of this running around and traveling and scheduling and examining and drinking thing is making that marathon training thing pretty difficult and can't I just be done already? No. I can't. Because this weekend I also have to fit in a 19 mile run and dang it I will get my miles.

And yes, I know, poor me running 19 miles through my first New England nor'easter in the wee early morning hours before I have to tackle a frantic day of houses, houses, and houses. Poor, poor me. It's horrible. HORRIBLE, I tell you. BUT YOU CAN HELP! By donating to Back On My Feet, you'll make all of this wretchedness worth it! Please, for the love of gah make this wretchedness worth it. Help get a homeless man or woman back on their feet.


Ed said...

I appreciate your sense of urgency. But two things I told my sister and her fiance, who are also rushing to beat the deadline:

1. They're going to extend it. You didn't hear it from me.

2. Even if they don't, the people who should be panicking are sellers. To oversimplify some econ theory, since more people are trying to sell than buy, the tax credit is really a subsidy for sellers rather than buyers. A much greater share of the $8,000 price shift, if the credit expires, will be borne by the sellers, who will be forced to drop the prices of their houses. If you don't buy before Nov. 30, I think you'll see a big price decline for most houses (which is why they won't let the credit expire and may increase it for 2010).

So enjoy the search but don't stress too much.

rory said...

And I thought I had a busy weekend coming up.
Good luck!

Chatham said...

Ok Lady, if you are going to be joining us Massholes, we have to work on your pronunciation.

Nor'easter = Noh'Easta

Us New Englanders do not care for R's for some reason.

Chatham said...

Oh, and by the way, GOOD LUCK :)!!!

BOSSY said...

Find anything?


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