Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

For all the bitching and moaning and writhing on the floor and writhing on the couch and writhing on the bed and writhing back on the floor and writhing one more time on the couch I do about moving, there IS a reason I'm leaving all of my family and friends, packing all of my shit into giant tupperware containers, saying goodbye to the city I love most and trekking it up to the arctic shores of New England. Sometimes I just need to remind myself.


Shelley Greenberg said...

Never heard this song. Really like it.

Thank you Wednesday's Song of the Week.

Joan Ankner said...

I never heard that song either, but I'm glad you found it. (i was hoping you'd remember why you were moving.)
When we were first married I had to quit my job, leave my family and friends, and move to Downingtown , Pennsylvania with my new husband. I'll tell you about it over drinks when you make it up here to Godforsaken Scituate!!!! Looking forward to it!

BillFoxeveryone said...

Love this song!


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