Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yeah, but I'm really popular on my blog, so at least I've got that going for me

I've broken just about every rule I set out for myself in the very beginning of this whole blog experimentation thing I have going on over here.

1. Don't get too personal. I think it's safe to say that went out the window when I first wrote the word "poop."

2. Don't be an asshole. Have you met me? I don't even know where to start.

3. Don't ever talk about B. Umm whoops.

4. Don't write about anything that could be potentially incriminating. My whole life is potentially incriminating.

The list goes on. But one of the rules I picked up as the wheels really started turning here at Yellaphant, was that I always wanted to be sure to give thanks and props in a timely manner when given awards by other bloggers. Because let's be honest, once the magic juices (ew, juices) of my brain were unleashed on the world, it would only be a matter of time before those awards started rolling in by the motherflipping bushel. Am I right or am I drunk?

I'm totally kidding. I don't even know why you people show up here everyday. And no, I'm not drunk, I've only had three.

So much for that rule, eh? So now here I am writing a roll-up post for the last three awards I've gotten without giving any public thanks because I'm an asshole like that. To add to my assholishness (good gah when will I stop?!), I'm breaking the rules (have I no control?!) that come with these awards, and just passing them on to three bloggers each that I find deserving. So without further ado ... AWARDS! FIST PUMPS! POUND SOME BEERS!

From Anna at Around the Way Girl:


1. Lora from Fever
2. Shelley from The Spotted Duck
3. "LiLu" from Live It, Love It

From B at Finding Bliss:


1. Kate from From Ketchup to Chutney
2. Michael from Innocents and Accidents, Hints and Allegations
3. Jen from Down the Shore with Jen

From Heather at My Sunshine:


1. Mic from My Dad's Happier Than Your Dad
2. Becky from Hippo Brigade
3. Deidre from DecoyBetty

WOOF. I feel so much better. And at least I've still preserved rule number 51: No talking about sex. Which TOTALLY reminds me of this story from last weekend that I forgot to tell you guys! So on Saturday night B ripped off his shirt and was all ... LOLZZZZ totally JK, mom! You too B's mom! Ooohoho life's such a party here at Yellaphant.


LiLu said...

Awwww, thanks baby doll! I didn't even START with any of those rules. Maybe then my blog wouldn't be the trainwreck that it is now... ;-)

Lora said...

Thank you! You totally rocked my day, which was going horrifyingly terrible until now!

Shelley Greenberg said...

Thanks for the award that I don't know what award it is but it's an award nonetheless and I love awards (My name is Shelley and I'm an overachiever. "HI SHELLEY!").

Hippo Brigade said...

Whoo hoo for me! This totally makes up for my gigantic ass.
Now I just have to figure out where to put my award. Maybe I'll tape it on the ceiling next to my Edward Cullen poster.


mic said...

eeeee! thanks so much!

and can i just say that i am very glad you talk about poop and men and booze? i need some poop to balance out all the sunshiny mormon blogs i read.

Deidre said...

Thanks Bridget! What a lovely way to wake up in the morning :)

Michael said...

Thank you so much-I'm flattered.

Anonymous said...

Aw, thank you! I love it!


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