Friday, December 11, 2009

Turn on the tree. And pick up all that shit.

Quality time with the family. An array of holiday parties with festive boozey drinks. Presents. The real reason I'm excited it's Christmas time? Because it's once again acceptable for me to watch this John Roberts video approximately 23 times a day. You probably think I'm exaggerating, but I assure you I am not.

If you've ever met me, I've made you watch this video at one point, Christmas time or not. You know how some people will guiltily admit they listen to Christmas music all year? Like when they're driving to the beach in July or pre-gaming alone in their bedroom on a Friday night in March? While I don't particularly want to hear "Oh Holy Night in June," there is no month that is too good for "The Christmas Tree." Only in December, it's just so much better.

Last year, while staying with my parents for the holidays, I made them watch it AT LEAST 18 times in between the time we got home from Christmas Eve dinner and the time we ate breakfast on Christmas morning because I didn't think they were properly paying attention, or else they would have been laughing louder. So naturally, I had to show it to them over and over and over again to demonstrate just how spectacular it was. By the 18th viewing, they were crying. Probably because they were laughing so hard.

And yesterday, after watching him put up the company Christmas tree outside my office, I made the CEO of my company sit down and watch it with me. I have confidence this will do wonders for my Christmas bonus.

It just never gets old.


Anna said...

TOO funny!

Also, lets both dye our hair Natalie brown. You can do it! ;)

Falko said...

I prefer the Mother's Day skit

Deb Thaxton said...

-->I have never seen that before. Ha! How many times does he actually say "tree?"

Anonymous said...

"Make it nice around the tree"

rory said...

Miss Carol's mom with a Jersey accent.
Too funny.

Joan Ankner said...

I never saw that one and it's a riot! i think it's A NY accent, not NJ though. How funny!


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