Monday, December 14, 2009

The December Bender Log: Day 14

This lifestyle is simply not sustainable. But on I go. I seem to have contracted some sort of head cold from B. I suspect he infected me on purpose to slow me down and save himself from more nights of his critical role of designated driver. Possibly by heavily breathing in my general vicinity. It's also possible that my current immune system breakdown may be a result of the combination of successive nights of heavy drinking and early morning runs in the cold. This has yet to be decided.

A total of one Christmas present has been purchased.

A total of zero boxes have been packed.

A total of six giant empty Tupperware containers sit in the middle of our living room.

A total of eight piles of questionably clean clothes take up space on our bedroom floor.

A total of one shoe has been lost.

A total of three crying incidences have taken place. One of which was in a crowded bar.

A total of four days lie between my final day of my current employment.

A total of zero future employment opportunities have been attained.

Estimated amount of predicted total meltdowns: six.

Estimated amount of predicted time spent watching The Muppets sing Christmas carols instead of packing: Incalculable.


BillFoxeveryone said...

Its good to know that you still have the energy to blogpost.

Deidre said...

I am pretty sure melt downs (like procrastination) are a vital part of The Process.

Ellie said...

Packing's overrated. Just take your favorite lingerie, denim, stilettos and start again.

Anonymous said...
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mic said...

i like to wait until the night before a big move to pack. it's when true inspiration strikes.

Kait said...

Um, so, I've been reading your blog, and you're awesome. Where are you moving to in Massachusetts?


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