Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On my current state of unemployment

I've never really been unemployed before. Before now, that is. Interestingly enough (or not, depending on your position on unemployment) my recent lack of income has nothing to do with the economy, or a related downsizing company, or a result of being fired for blogging on company time. It was, as you know, a result of willingly leaving my job behind when I left Philadelphia for the snowier pastures of New England.

Also interestingly enough (again, depending) is that this is also the first time I've had a mortgage hanging over my head. No big deal, right? That's my new life philosophy anyway. No. Big. Deal.

Now that we're about as settled as we can be before we transition into the house, I'm at the point where my current unemployment is beginning to become obvious. Like a stubbed toe.

Yesterday was B's first day of work. So when he went off to the tennis club to teach some lessons, I went to take a fitness class with one of my sister-in-laws, who is home from college.

This class, appropriately titled "muscle mix," I have found to be deceiving. Deceiving, mostly because I deceived myself into thinking I could keep up with the (other?) housewives (am I a housewife now? Or just an unemployed wife?) and retirees. Maybe there were some other unemployed people in there as well. Let's call them unempleople. I can do that now, give this group cute nicknames, because I'm one of them. You, however, you peobs (people with jobs), can not just go around mashing words regarding employment together and calling them adorable. We unempleople might get offended, depending on our mood and whether or not we've had an afternoon snack.

Anyway, when everyone selected their hand weights before class began, I chose the same weight as everyone else. Which, incidentally, resulted in quite a bit of time spent lying on my back on my exercise mat, wondering if it would just break my face, or in fact fracture my entire skull when the two 10-pounds weights (I never said I was strong) that were shaking rather precariously above my face fell out of my hands (they didn't).

After the class, I showered, made myself presentable and perhaps even moderately professional looking, and went to a job interview. This is something I assume is carried out by unempleople rather often.

But this interview, one of the crabillions we unempleople have gone on recently, I'll talk about tomorrow. Because, you know, I have a little bit of time on my hands these days for things like blogging.

I wonder what else unempleople do. Because so far, all I've managed to do is take fitness classes. And when you're married to a boy who works at a fitness club, why not? Thank gah he's not a baker. Or a taxidermist. Or a hairdresser. Because after two days I'd either be fat, bald, or wondering how to best mount (double entendre) that annoying child in front of me in line at the grocery store.

Anyway, when I got home from the interview, the same sister-in-law and I went to another class. This one, spinning, I will certainly regret tomorrow morning when I can't walk down the steps. Good thing there's a morning yoga class.


Jen A. Miller said...

I work for myself, and from home, so I'm often in the gym in that mid-morning time. I spent a lot of time wondering why everyone else is there (hi, treadmill? Not going anywhere fast).

I see a lot of women who I guess are housewives, senior citizens, and some people who look uncomfortable being there. Sometimes the mayor. It's a weird world.

Jess said...

Zumba tonight!!

Conor said...

I like "unemployees"

Also... "how to best mount that annoying child"? Really?

Bill said...

Hello, when I was unemployed I went to Aussie land and New Zealand....I think you know what you gotta do.

La Alicia said...

I'm a contractor who works on site as well as in my studio from time to time. It allows me flexibility in my schedule while opening the door to "labels". I try to avoid the labels and enjoy that I can re errands while everyone else is at the office in half the time. It's great that you are remaining active -- you'll find your own rhythm, just give it a little time. :)

Joan Ankner said...

I predict that since you are so cute, talented, smart and funny, ( not to mention a great writer), that it will not be long before some bright employer will beg you to come work for her, and offer you a huge salary! In the meantime, enjoy your current status, it has its advantages! Check out Eva's class weds am @ 8:30, and Laurie's spin class on thurs @ 9:30! I look forward to seeing you @ SRF! Welcome to New England! Keep the blogs coming...

Falko said...

I will give you your unemployment prediction... It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life.

Deidre said...

I, too, am unemployed. Congratulations on the job interview! let us know how it goes!

fitness classes can be fun!

Becky Mochaface said...

When I was an unempleople, I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls & Charmed reruns and played a lot of Wii. I got really good at tennis.

Nicolle B said...

This may seem odd, but try to enjoy your unemployment time.

All things considered, the time unemployed will be a lot shorter than the time when you are employed, so might as well think of it as a "special vacation" :-p


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