Monday, January 4, 2010

Remeber 2009? That year was pretty cool, huh?

What a year, huh? First there was all that stuff that happened to other people. Which was all good and stuff. Or bad. Whatever. I wasn't really paying attention.

And then there was all that stuff that happened to ME. Which, lets be honest, is the bread and butter to the Yellaphant Enterprise. Because who cares about other people when there's me to talk about?

And hello? It was a pretty big year. How about all that wedding planning? And then that wedding! And hoo boy what a wedding. And then the move. And about that move, moving is pretty much the most annoying thing ever.

Mostly because we're living out of boxes. Meaning, I can't find a blessed thing. And because I just don't feel like climbing over furniture and squeezing around boxes if I need to find something, I just make do without it.

I've been wearing the same pair of pants for the past four days. When I wake up in the middle of the night I have no idea if it's 1 a.m. or 10 a.m. because my alarm clock has vanished. I can't find our pillows. And I'm fairly certain that funky smell that we can't figure the source of is a cheese sandwich I threw into my sock bag for the ride up here and then forgot about. If only I could find that bag. That would solve my whole sock problem too.

Since we haven't yet moved into our house, because the house doesn't yet have a kitchen, we're currently living in the apartment above B's parents' garage. It's kind of like a twisted version of Everyone Loves Raymond. Only it's real. And slightly less annoying because gah I hate that show. And since B's three sisters were all home from school when we got here, it's like temporarily living with a house full of roommates again which is SO COLLEGE. I feel like we should all be drinking beers in the shower, talking about penises, and eating macaroni and cheese at 3:30 in the morning.

Speaking of drinking at inappropriate times (psh I know, no such thing, right?) our move has also coincided with my father-in-law's new passion: wine. I don't think I could have planned that better myself.

Because since B and I got him a wine cooler for Christmas, he's been itching for an excuse to chill wine and serve it with an appropriate pairing that he has researched in his giant wine encyclopedia. So much so, that as soon as a bottle goes in, he wants to serve it. And first it was all, would anyone like a glass of wine with dinner? And then it was, who wants wine while waiting for dinner? And then it became, who wants some wine with that afternoon snack? And now he's all, want some wine with that oatmeal?

He's so lucky I'm here for him. Because if it's one thing I've perfected in 2009, it's drinking many glasses of wine. And if there's anything I've learned from this move, it's that I need many glasses of wine. Even with my oatmeal.


Hilary said...

I want to hear more about the kitchen-less house! And also stay warm up there! Wishing you all the best in 2010- from one 2009 bride to another!

Deidre said...

Seriously that show was miss named. It should be called Everyone hates raymond. it's bad. so very bad.

Kait said...

I spent longer on your blog today than I care to admit due to all those hyperlinks! Oh man. But it was awesome.

BTW: The store is called Native, and it's on Front Street, which--and I have very little clue as to the geography of the town--is near a bunch of other, equally cute stores. And the ocean. Anyway, if you go in, and see a woman with brown hair and the most amazing jewelry EVER, that's Marie, my cousin and the owner of the store. She's awesome. Say hi for me if you ever end up poking around there!

Kait said...

PS I hate, HATE Everybody Loves Raymond. That goes in my list of things that are The Worst.

kateyleigh said...

I totally love you. Seriously, that post was kickass. You know how sometimes you can just be writing - with no great intent - and it's just perfect? That's what that was.
And um, drinking beer in the shower, talking about penises and eating macaroni and cheese at 3:30 in the morning... it's like you knew me in college...


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