Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday's Song of the Week

I had a really hard time choosing this weeks Song of the Week. I've had a great influx of good music recently, and each song has set a very different mood. And gah knows my moods shift faster and more dramatically than the damn New England weather. Speaking of which, it's been March up here for about three months now and if we have one more cold, rainy day I'm going to lose it. DID YOU HEAR ME? I'M GONNA LOSE IT.

That said, a lot of the tunes I've been keeping on rotation this week have been pretty mellow and moody and stare out your window into the rain while you contemplate your entire past, present and future-y. Uh ohhhh someone's been paid a visit by the black nail polish and heavy eyeliner fairy!

So instead of "making a decision," I'm choosing two. Because frankly, if the decision of what dumb song to post to this here idiot blog is just too much for me to bear this week, I think that's sayin' something. And I think that something starts with "I need" and ends with "a drink."

First up, we have The Head and the Heart. I heard this song on my way to work yesterday and could have sworn it was Ryan Adams. So of course I was completely schmitten.

Next up, The Naked and Famous. I'm not completely sold on this band and assume they'll turn out to be a one trick pony and this song sounds almost exactly like Passion Pit, but this song is sure catchy so I'm fine with that. It just makes me want to run and jump and throw things and make loud noises. So on days like today, when it's been raining for 40 days and 40 nights and we're probably all going to die because the world is ending on Saturday anyway which is really a drag because I have a hair appointment next Thursday and I'd hate to die with split ends, it's a good way to get the blood pumping. Plus, I dig the video so whatever, dudes.

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