Tuesday, October 4, 2011

She touched me in child's pose

B: Did your yoga teacher touch you in any inappropriate places tonight?

Me: Unfortunately, it was a full class so I didn't get all the individual attention I have so come to enjoy.

B: That's a shame.

Me: But she did touch me in child's pose. I really like it.

B: Um wow. That should be the title of your next blog post. She Touched Me in Child's Pose ... And I Liked it.

Me: It's very soothing! Get down on your knees, I'll show you.

B: No! Help! Rape!

Me: I'm serious, B! It feels so good. It just opens up the hips.

B: You know you're really not making an argument for yourself, right?


Mariposa said...

hahaha, oh my! this conversation is just hilarious!!

so...did he ever let you?? :P

Deidre said...

It is very soothing to be touched in child's pose!!

Some times if we're doing yoga at home, I touch IC in child's pose.


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