Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday's Song of the Week

When I first heard this song, I was all hmmm. And then I listened again and I was all ahhh. And then I listened again and was all HOLY SHIT THIS SONG IS AWESOME. I'm kind of obsessed right now.

Despite the fact that I listened to Florence + the Machine's last album "Lungs" to death -- seriously, I don't think there was a day last winter or spring when I did not listen to that album -- I had low expectations for their upcoming release, "Ceremonials." I just wasn't sure if my girl Flo could keep up the momentum of awesomeness. Welp, I was wrong. Quite happily wrong. Gah it is just GROOD.

Not to mention, Florence Welch has cemented herself in the top three on my list of Girls I Have Crushes On (why helllooooo Rashida Jones, how you doin' girl?). I think I officially have a thing for red heads now.


Deanne said...

Have you seen My Idiot Brother yet? You could totally be Rashida's girlfriend.

Bridget said...

@Deanne YES. Loved it. I'd have a hard time deciding between Rashida and Paul Rudd though. I also have a non-gay crush on him. I bet they'd be down for a love sandwich though.

Becky Mochaface said...

LOVE. Will be downloading this today.


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