Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The best kind of autumn weekend is a summer one

This isn't really a post, per se, this is just me getting rid of some verbal vomit because today I feel awesome. Nay, I feel fucking awesome. That's because I just spent the last three days on the beach. In October. In Massachusetts. MASSACHUSETTS. Do you know that we didn't even have a spring? Nor did summer even start until July. It went directly from winter to the Fourth of July and just as we were sinking our feet into the deep pools of a chilly autumn, WE GOT SUMMER AGAIN. FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS. I HAVE A TAN AGAIN. OH GOOD GOD I HAVE A TAN. AND FRECKLES. FRECKLES! I WENT SWIMMING. IN THE OCEAN. IN A BIKINI. IN OCTOBER.

Last week was a rough one. I mean, woof. By the time Friday came along I was so exhausted I could barely keep the drool off my chin on my drive home from work. As I sat at one of the many, many traffic lights I hit on my way home, I leaned my head back on the seat and let my eyes close for just a second. A few peaceful moments passed when I heard the window of the car next to mine roll down. The grizzled old man sitting in the passenger seat leaned towards me and yelled, "YOU SLEEPIN'?"

"I was just resting my eyes!" I swore back.


THAT'S the kind of week I had.

I knew this weekend was going to be unseasonably warm, but when I got home from my long run on Saturday and got a phone call to be on the boat in 15 minutes, I almost shit my pants.

We boated to the infamous Spit and spent the afternoon with our feet in the sand and many, many beers in our hands. We grilled up some grillables and watched the sun set as we stoked the flames to our makeshift bonfire. And as we boated back to the harbor the wind on our faces was a warm summer breeze and the lights from shore sparkled like the stars in the sky. I mean, this shit was fucking magical, people. Then on Sunday, we did it again. And on Monday, after a morning spent running and hiking in the woods, I pulled out the Beach Cruiser and cruised myself on down to the neighborhood beach for one last go at it.

It was pretty much scientifically impossible to squeeze one more drop of happiness into my body because I was oozing it from every pore. The boat! The beach! In October! UGH!

And although throwing my beach stuff into the Cruiser's basket and starting to pedal home last night through the sandy beach parking lot was definitely one of the sadder bicycle rides of the year because I knew this time it was definitely the last of the season, I still couldn't help but smile. Look at me all happy and mentally balanced in October. I am going to tear the rest of this autumn up. And I'm going to keep on tearing shit up through winter. All the way through winter. I'm not going to stop some time in early February and go on a homicidal bender like I did last year. And the year before. And also a little bit the year before. This year will be different. This year I'm really gonna do it. I'm going to be balanced in January. I'm going to smile in February. I'm going to be nice to people in March. I'm not going to threaten to pack my bags and move to Southern California every day of April.

This weekend was exactly what I needed. Life is freaking awesome. I love everyone. I am ready to attack this year like a rabid wolverine.

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