Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Confirmation that I kick ass

So I meant to write this post first thing this morning, because I get very excited when someone besides my mom tells me that maybe not everything I'm doing is a colossal waste of my time. Like writing this blog. Because despite what my neighbors have told you, I'm actually pretty extraordinarily absolutely outrageously I hope you're wearing helmets because I'm about to blow your mind awesome OK.

And even though my mom everyone is totally over listening to me rave about butt sweat, Guy Kawasaki and the folks at Alltop think it's pret-ty awesome. Or at least OK enough to include in the Alltop listings. You can find me under LIFE. As in your life will greatly benefit from reading the words that I write vomit. As in your life will never be the same once you enter the world of Yellaphant. As in read my crap or I'll end your life.

I know. Seriously. I don't know how that happened. Someone over there must be on drugs. Which is awesome. And I wonder if they're hiring.

I meant to tell you all that earlier. Just like I meant to tell you all about the surprise engagement party that B threw me this weekend yesterday. But then this morning I got sidetracked when I started reading about spermophiles because how can you not read a blog post about squirrels and sperm and pedophiles and not get sidetracked, really? And now my mind is in a bad, bad place and I'm still not sure how a word that really means sperm lover, if you want to get technical, came to mean a squirrel and the Bloggess is ruining my life.

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Dude. There's nothing better at an engagement party than sperm. If anything you should be thanking me.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Oh wait, I meant "cake". There's nothing better at a party than cake.

Never mind.

Jessica, not B's sister said...

That's awesome Bridget!!

Julia said...

Way to go! How did you find out? Do they come with a big check and balloons? I could see them doing that.

Cecil said...

That's awesome. Congratulations!


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