Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Harrison Ford must be down on his luck, but he'll always have the Brazilian Girls

Last weekend the Brazilian Girls were in town at the Note, a new bar and music venue outside the city.

B and I had both seen the band multiple times at places like Bonnaroo and Virgin Fest, but jumped at the chance to see them in such an intimate setting, because when things get intimate, you never know what's gonna happen when the lights go out ifyaknowwadimean.

Apparently the Note is Bam Margera's new bar, which is really exciting if watching people staple their penises and ride skateboards off of three-story buildings and swallow live goldfish is your type of thing. Not judging.

And who did we see standing outside the bar as we got there, but Bam the man himself. Only I didn't recognize him and as I pushed past that rude fecker smoking a cigarette right in front of the door, I commented on the type of rude feckers who stand right in front of doors to smoke their cigarettes and when we got inside B was all dude, did you just elbow Bam Margera? Can you stand over there when he comes back in so he doesn't think I'm with you?

But besides the whole door thing, we were both pretty impressed with the Note. The set up and atmosphere were perfect for watching a live show and enjoying a beer. And the crowd was interesting and could be pretty easily split between those who were there to watch Bam Margera staple his penis and those who were there to watch the Brazilian Girls do their very funky thing.

As expected, the Brazilian Girls put on a great show. And if you've never seen them live, Brazilian Girls shows can always be best and eloquently described as totally trippy. B and I were especially happy to see them because this brief tour is the last one the band will be taking in a long time as Sciubba is very much pregnant.
You might think that being very much pregnant on stage would hinder one's performance, but Sciubba and the rest of the band were mesmerizing. In fact, I'm fairly certain that the bare, round belly protruding from the hole cut in her blue spandex body suite was blowing B's mind.

It didn't seem like the Brazilian Girls were exactly Bam Margera's type of music, but they were definitely making Harrison Ford pretty happy, because oh yeah, Harrison Ford was there. Okay, maybe it wasn't actually Harrison Ford, but it was an old dude who looked just like Harrison Ford wading in the sea of hipsters and dreadlocks and hitting on younger women in that creepy way that old dudes who look like Harrison Ford do. We'll call him Farrison.

When the band came back to the stage for their encore, Sciubba was missing, which is unusual because she's the lead singer and all. But the Girls played two more songs without her, and B and I both agreed, were completely amazing anyway. We chalked her absence up to pregnancy pains and left the bar completely satisfied. As for poor old Farrison, he left the bar Han Solo. Get it?

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