Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are you missing a gay today?

Thousands of people across the country are calling in gay today during the first ever Day Without a Gay in support of gay rights, particularly, the right to marry. This. Is. Faaaaabulous.

Today is meant to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians. And it's an important day for Yellaphant because it also shows how much I rely on my gay. My best friend Michael is leading the Day Without a Gay charge at the school where he teaches, Independence Charter School.

With full support from the administration --in an industry with a largely don't ask don't tel policy -- Michael and a multitude of other teachers have called in gay today. And in typical Michael fashion, they have done it loudly.

I would have loved to call out today too because I love my gays and I also love not working, but unfortunately someone had to call out yesterday because someone had to get some of their Irish skin scraped off at the doctor's and that someone is me and ouch. So in solidarity, I will not work at work today. Just kidding, Bridget's boss. Totally working right now. Or maybe watching porn. Maybe gay porn.

But I am so proud of my friend. I am proud because he is proud. And I am proud that is he eager to stand up for his rights. The rights that he deserves. That everyone deserves. Because everyone deserves love. Today, Yellaphant is proudly flying that rainbow flag.

It's also no coincidence that Day Without a Gay falls on International Human Rights Day. So wherever you are, support your gays today. Show your love.

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Stimey said...

Right on, sister! If I had a boss to call into, I totally would have called in gay. Can I call in gay to a blog?


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