Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not just any pope, the real pope

Earlier this week I started following the Pope on Twitter because I figured if I could get a follow back and he saw me tweeting about what a good person I am and how good I am at not eating sugar, I'd totally score some pretty big points. And even thought the Pope insists that he is actually the real Pope with his Twitter name, the_real_pope, I really had my doubts.

First of all, the Pope didn't even know how to use Google last week, so it'd be a pretty big leap to go from not being sure where the power button on a computer is to twitterer in just a few days, you know what I mean? But then after reading all of the Pope's tweets, I started to come around again because spaghetti can be a pretty tricky word to master, especially with a thick German accent, so it kind of made sense. But then I realized it isn't the Pope at all. It's just some disgruntled chick from Texas, which is pretty disappointing because now I have to figure out some other way to get into heaven. Fuck.


Betsey Booms said...

I love how you refer to the Bloggess as some disgruntled chick from Texas. Awesome.

Bradford Pearson said...

I imagine his tweets would've been in Latin, no?

rory said...

There's always hope for air conditioned seats in Hell?

Lora said...

i followed him because you did but i remember hearing that the bloggess is the pope now too.

yes, i check who the cool kids are following and then i follow suit.

fallallaroundme said...

Hahaha Is it at least amusing?


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