Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bruce Springsteen: sexiest man alive? Alternate title: F.Bru.C.K. Me

When Caitlin told people she was leaving New York City for the night to head to Philadelphia for the Bruce Springsteen concert, people were all what are you, 45 years old? When I told people in Philadelphia that I was going to the Springsteen concert that night, they were all you lucky little betch.

Why does Philadelphia love Bruce Springsteen so much?

Because at heart, Philadelphia is the city of the blue collar worker. Of the young mom. Of the unemployed dad. Philadelphia used to work nights at Westinghouse. And spends sticky summer weekends down the shore. Philadelphia looks best in a white t-shirt and work jeans. And knows how to swing a hammer. Philadelphia knows what wanderlust tastes like. And disappointment. And victory. And nostalgia. And soft pretzels at midnight. Philadelphia sits on the front stoop and says hello to all the neighbors. Philadelphia relates.

When you grow up in Philadelphia, you grow up listening to Bruce Springsteen from your parents' speakers at backyard barbecues. You sneak "Thunder Road" in to your driving to the shore mixes amidst the usual My Morning Jacket and Kings of Leon, and you roll down the window and let the wind roll back your hair exactly when you're supposed to.

And when you're standing next to your mom and one of your Forever Friends, watching Bruce rock on stage at one of the very last Spectrum concerts before they tear her down, you mull around the idea that that 50-something man might possibly be the sexiest dude alive right now because HELLOOO, BRUCE.

And when Bruce plays his little ode to Harry Kalas and then explodes into "Thunder Road" you, and every single person packed inside the sold out show, have no choice but to scream along. It's in your blood. You're from Philadelphia.

So mock me if you will. But remember, Philadelphia knows how to punch you in the face.


HIlary said...

I love this post. I love it. It might be my favorite ever. I am so thrilled you love the Boss. I am so jealous you saw him in-person. Sounds like a total blast and the driving mixes and Thunder Road? YES AND YES.

Bradford Pearson said...

He's almost 60! And, yeah, I'd go gay for him, no questions asked.

Maryanne said...

He looked soooo good last night. Glad I'm not the only one to think so, because it's a little creepy to have the hots for some one who is older than your own father.

Jessica said...

Bruce is the second love of my life (in a close race with my husband) and I'm not ashamed to admit it. You think you're a big fan being from Philly? Try growing up in the town where he's from (which is not Asbury Park, for the record) and driving by his old house on a regular basis.

Oh, and I met him at the ice cream shop in my town and he kissed me on the cheek. I told him I loved him. I was not kidding.

Avitable said...

I like girl bands.

BillFoxeveryone said...

Your Description of Philly Should be put on a tshirt and sold.


Caitlin said...

I love you (and Bruce) so hard. Please, as we grow old together, let us never forget: Bruce, propped up against his mic stand, legs flopped to either side, singing, "I'll take you all out to where the
gypsy angels go."

BOSSY said...

Bossy's brother was there on Tuesday night, and one of Bossy's best friends last night. Don't mind Bossy, she'll just be here on the couch watching reruns of Make Me A Supermodel.

Also, you say 45-years-old like it's a bad thing.

Back to bed for Bossy.

Chatham said...

Love Bruce and Love Philly...

I left you some love over at my place ;)

rory said...

Bruce and Philly cheese steaks. It's what gives us hope that all is not just bikinis and cold beer.

Shann said...

Love Springsteen. LOVE.

The Girl That Bursts Into Tears During Bruce Shows At The Slow Part Of Jungleland - You Know That Part About Two Hearts Beating? Yeah, That's The Stuff.


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