Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UPDATED: Wednesday's Song of the Week

When I first heard Miike Snow's "Animal" I was all ULTIMATE WELCOME BACK SUMMER SONG because every spring needs at least a few songs to usher in outdoor drinking and summer tans, you know? And I have totally knighted this song to be one of mine.

I looked into Miike Snow a bit because before this song, I had never really heard of him. A few Google clicks later and BOOM: JACKALOPE. So naturally, dude is fierce.

Also, when most Mikes have one i, Miike Snow has two, so I'm pretty sure I'd want this guy on my side if a fight ever broke out at at bar.

Besides the scanty info found on the Miike Snow MySpace page, it's hard to find many facts about this guy, which only convinces me that when his album drops on June 9, Miike Snow will explode. Or at least, I hope so, because after listening to a few more songs from the Animal album, it's clear there's a ton of talent as musician and dj. And who doesn't love a boy that can make you dance?

And just as it's hard to find info on Miike Snow himself, it's almost just as difficult to find videos of his songs. And at first I found a video with some dude wearing garanimals dancing through a cow field and I was all GARANIMALS FOR ANIMALS and my mind was kind of blown and also this is like the third time in one week I've seen a reference about garanimals and WTF is up with that all of a sudden? But then I couldn't use that video because it stops after 1:20 and that's just not acceptable, even though that was pretty much the best dancing in a cow field I've seen all week. But then I found this video with all these ninjas running around speaking SPANISH which I wasn't aware they did in Japan so I guess I'm racist now too? And then about one minute into the video I realized this entire video might be a drug-induced hallucination I was having on a random Wednesday morning because this robot shit is all a bit much for me and OH MY GAH DID YOU JUST SEE THAT GORILLA? Also, I'm pretty sure if I was in fact lost in some awesome hallucination, there would most definitely be both Spanish-speaking ninjas and gorillas present. And maybe some robots if you want to get really crazy.

Bottom line: Miike Snow is awesome. And so are garanimals.

UPDATE: A reader just commented to let me know that Miike Snow is actually a band made up of three dudes. Not just one. So he's not a dj. And he's not just a single musician. And it's not even a he. IT'S A BAND. JUST LIKE JETHRO TULL. All this comment was missing was the YOU STUPID ASSHOLE at the end.


Bradford Pearson said...

It has a touch of a reggae/ dance hall vibe, but doesn't suck, which is a change for songs with reggae/dance hall leanings.

I think I'll need to listen to it a bit more, but I give it a B- for right now. Could work its way up to a B+.

Bradford Pearson said...

Oh and your boy Miike is playing at Lollapalooza too.

Anonymous said...

Its not one person. Miike Snow is three dudes from Sweden its a band. like Jethro Tull isnt a person either.


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