Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UPDATED: Wednesday's Song of the Week

I've had a quiet relationship with Jose Gonzalez for a few years. Ours is a casual love. I don't get all hot and heavy for him. But his voice can put me at ease in a way that very few artists can match.

B and I saw him when he was in town last year, and it was probably the calmest live show I have ever seen. Gonzalez paused for just a few seconds in between each song, and seemed too self-conscious to make much conversation with the audience. But his quiet stage presence suited his delicate and, at times, heartwrenching acoustic plucking.

This is one of my favorite Jose Gonzalez songs, very possibly simply because of the way the words ever so delicately drop from his tongue.

We were in love.

This song whispers nostalgia and sticky summer nights. Hello, summer. It's about fecking time.

UPDATE: For all my music snobs out there, have a listen to the original "Heartbeats" by the Knife, WHICH I'M SURE YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT.


Heather Nicole said...

You picked one of my FAVORITE songs! Good choice :-)

Heather Nicole said...

I think I'm just going to stay on your blog all day and listen to this song, lol...what venue did you see him at?

Bridget said...

I'm glad you enjoy too! We saw him when he played at World Cafe Live last year. It was a great show. Short, but enjoyable.

Brendan said...

It is definitely a great cover, but you’ve gotta give some Swedish love to the original from The Knife.

Bradford Pearson said...

Have you heard the song he did with The Books on the 'Dark Was The Night' compilation? Beauty.

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to check him out, or at least keeps telling me I will like him. Turns out, I do. You've convinced me.

hippo Brigade said...

This song makes me think of my placenta. And I mean that in the loveliest way possible. I listened to this song while I was giving birth. Ahh memories. Thank you Jose. And thank you Bridget.

B said...

Thank you for introducing me to Jose. I think I'm in love :)


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