Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Holla atcha, sportsfans

A big welcome to all you Deadspin, The Fightins, and Philebrity readers and any other sportfans who showed up today. I assume you're here for the free beer and peanuts. Possibly even some boobies. You'll find a six pack in your fridge when you get home, and I'll be leaving work early to take pictures of myself jumping on a trampoline in a white t-shirt while someone sprays water all over me. Then we'll make cupcakes. Typical Wednesday.

And an equally big thank you to Deadspin for throwing up yesterday's Cole Hamels photo. Heidi is totes gonna smack me in the mouth.


Marcus Grimm said...

"I assume you're here for the free beer and peanuts."

Correct. :)

Nice blog, though... good stuff.

Marcus, from down the road in Lancaster

LiLu said...

Now I want to trampoline!

(Is that a verb?)


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