Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

I know I just featured a Passion Pit song in the last Song of the Week, but I'm kind of obsessed with this song right now SO GET OVER IT. This song perfectly fits my mood as of late. It's a generally mellow song, but if it hits you at the right time, it can be downright frantic. I'm talking lie on your back on a raft in the middle of the pool with a Corona and lime while you flex your toes to the beat mellow or jump up and down and shake your butt and yell and maybe even throw a plate or two frantic.

Also, I go a little nuts for the little kids singing in the background. You know how everyone has their own "porn?" Like some people go insane over shoes or built in bookshelves or the color yellow or porn. I lose it when little kids sing in non-little kid songs. Little kid voices are totally my porn. Maybe I'm a pedophile and I never even knew it. This post is going in the wrong direction.

Anyway, as I'm sure B will eagerly agree, I've had some dramatic, but thankfully short-lived moments of panic hit me recently. The wedding is in 11 weeks, we're actively house hunting, I'm passively job searching, we're worried about money, I'm training for a triathlon, and I'm buried at work. It's the kind of situation that could drive some people to black out and wake up in a pool of packing peanuts and their own urine in a parking lot eight miles from their house. I'm not saying I'm one of those people, I'm just saying.

Lately, this has been the song I listen to on my way to Back On My Feet in the mornings, as the sun just starts to peak over Boathouse Row and the eastern side of every sparkling high rise in Philadelphia glows orange. And again on my way home, with the windows down and my spirits high and my legs tired and my butt getting butt sweat all over the front seat of B's car.

Speaking of Back On My Feet, there's still time to donate to our big fundraiser, 20in24. I'll be running at midnight next Saturday, July 18 decked out in my finest glow in the dark ensemble. Every single dollar we raise goes to helping Philadelphia's homeless -- from running their first mile to their 500th mile, from joining a job placement program to maintaining a job, and from staying clean in the shelters to finding affordable housing.

And like I said before, chances are, if you're a regular Yellaphant reader, you're an asshole with a pretty messed up sense of humor, so donating even a single dollar is the perfect way to lure all of your friends into thinking maybe you're NOT that big of a jerk. And then you can push them down the steps. It's genius, really.

Also, I had planned to show you this really awesome kind of cool mediocre video today of the fireworks we saw this weekend down at the art museum but I was pretty drunk didn't know that if you hold the camera sideways, the video will stay sideways even when you take it off the camera, unlike photos that you can just turn, even though I'm pretty sure my boss had told me that like ten times before. So what you need to do is take four shots of that whiskey you have stashed under your desk right now and just kind of cock your head and it'll be totally fine. I'll even do it with you, for the sake of solidarity. And you should probably hurry up because I'm like three shots deep right now and no one wants to be the drunkest girl at the party office. Unless that's your thing, in which case, bellies up. Maybe you should even play "Little Secrets" at the same time, and then we can really shake things up around here.

Also, this post has far too many things going on at once, and probably should have been broken down into three short posts, but like I said, FRANTIC. It's probably the early morning whiskey.


Bradford Pearson said...

Just imagine you're lying on a picnic blanket when you watch the second video.

rory said...

I took the four shots, started the video, cocked my head to the side, and fell out of my chair laughing.


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