Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On vices

A little while back I agreed to take part in a 20 Something Bloggers blog swap because yea what the hell. I was paired up with a sweet little college grad from New York, Tara. The point of the swap is to switch blogs with your partner for the day to bring fresh eyes to the blogs and blah blah blah.

For the post that Tara prepared for Yellaphant today, she wrote all about her vices. And at first I was all oh sweet, vices, I am so good at those. But then I looked at hers and they were all Diet Coke and Twitter so now I'm all I wonder if I should tell her about the time I made out with her dad and stabbed that hooker.

My vices are a bit more vice-y. If I threw a party for all of my vices, someone would end up dead. Besides the hookers. I curse too much. I usually drink too much. Depending on the time of day, I have startlingly low moral standards. I often forget that it's socially unacceptable to smack people. I love giving the stink eye. And I'm totally okay with pushing.

Read on to meet Tara. Or don't. Whatever. I'm working on that telling people what to do and then stabbing them if they don't do it thing. And come back later today for Wednesday's Song of the Week. I really will stab you if you don't.


Hello Yellaphant readers, my name is Tara, a 20something blogger. I’m doing blog swap with Bridget today; I hope you like me!

I’ve been reading Bridget’s blog ever since I found out she was my swap partner, and I’m mucho jealous of her storytelling skills. I wish so badly that I could tell stories and be funny, but I just can’t hack it. I listen to The Moth Podcast every week and dream of sharing hilarious stories and getting major laughs, but a) I’m terrified of public speaking (good thing I went into public relations, eh?) and b) as I just said, I’m a terrible storyteller.

So I’ve been trying to think of something to blog about for a while. Basically, I would love for everyone to fall in love with me and also read my blog, so I know that I have to make this good. But the best blogs I’ve ever done are not pre-planned. So here goes nothing. I’m giving you all I’ve got.

I’m seriously addicted to a lot of things. And I’m just starting to realize what a problem it is.

Diet Coke is a given. Anyone who knows me well knows that it’s my biggest vice. I get lectures all the time like “it’s so bad for your teeth and bones!” or “you always feel bloated!” but I just don't give an eff and continue to drink it (I’m trying to wean myself off but it’s not going so well).

I just read an interview with Jennifer Aniston and she has the same problem, so again, beautiful people drink it and can be just fine. So I’ll continue my habit thank you very much. (If you have any unused coke rewards codes, please send them my way. I use them for a good cause/magazine subscriptions. Thanks in advance).

I’m also very addicted to M&M’s. As in, I’m currently on my third bag (LARGE SIZE) of M&M darks in my chocolate stash (that is also currently housing Mike & Ikes, but that is another story). Everyone in my family has their own chocolate stash. I don’t know how it happened. I guess one day I figured it was the most snackable chocolate (WHICH IT IS) and I can’t stop. This is bigger than Pringles, people.

Another addiction? Twitter. I know it’s lame, but I’m seriously so addicted. I update more than anyone I personally know. I’m sure people get sick of me, but I think it’s fascinating and I find out so many cool things from other people. Follow me! Is there a Twitter support group somewhere out there?

Some other addictions that I won’t get into but will just causally mention …
  • iTunes podcasts
  • Google Reader
  • "So You Think You Can Dance"
  • Facebook stalking
  • Pandora (eff you for only allowing 40 hours a month)
  • "Friends"/"The Office"/"Arrested Development"/"30 Rock" (iwantotbelizlemon)/"CSI: NY & Miami"/"Law and Order SVU"
  • Checking books out of the library and never reading any of them
I’m sure there are many others that I can’t think of at the moment. So let’s make this interactive, shall we? What are your biggest vices/addictions/quirky habits? Think hard. I’m excited to see what your comments are.

DO YOU LOVE ME YET? Good. You should read my blog. I’m very nice and I don’t bite.

Don’t forget to check out Bridget’s post on my blog today!


It's me again. I also have some additions that I'd casually like to mention.

  • iTunes podcasts make me want to stab someone.
  • Google Reader makes me want to stab someone.
  • "So You Think You Can Dance" makes me want to stab everyone.
  • I Facebook stalk just so I can look at pictures and hate on people.
  • The word "Pandora" makes me think of vaginas.
  • I would totally go gay for Tina Fey.
  • I write in the margins of library books because it gives me a little thrill to mess with government property.
Now someone get me a muffin. GAH.


Tara said...

you are so much cooler than me. basically, i want to be you, because i realize how boring i am and how much i need to STEP UP MY GAME. i'm sorry you hate SYTYCD and google reader. i hope we can still be blends (blog friends, yes).

Betsey Booms said...

Where is the throat punching, air punching, beer guzzling and other stuff I do every day?

Kristen Sara said...

Again, I am laughing out loud reading your posts... I love your blog!!


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