Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

DRUMS, EVERYBODY. DRUMS DRUMS DRUMS. I love drums. Lots of drums. Watching a good drummer hammer away at a set can be mesmerizing. I've always been impressed with proper stick control. That's what she said HEY-YO.

Songs with heavy drum lines make me want to jump and run and bang on things. Like drums. We all already know I've been in a relatively frantic mood recently, which has definitely been reflected in the music I've been listening to, and also explains why I'm constantly talking about running and banging and jumping and throwing plates. And that's why White Rabbits' "Percussion Gun" is this week's Song of the Week.

Just throw in a little child chorus line and I'd probably be having a seizure right about now.

1 comment:

BOSSY said...

You crack Bossy up.


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