Friday, January 15, 2010

Blood muffins!

When I was walking out of the club one day this week, I noticed a sign for an upcoming Red Cross blood drive. YES! Something to DO! That would require interacting with other PEOPLE! And even though I do try to limit my thin Philadelphia skin's exposure to the arctic Massachusetts conditions, it would be worth it to leave the house for the common good of mankind. I'm going to donate EVERY DAY of the blood drive because people need blood and I got it!

And then my sister-in-law was all "DUH, Bridget, you can't donate blood because you got a tattoo this year." And I was all "yes I can." And she was all "no you can't" and I was all "yes I can." And that went on for a little while and the moral of the story is APPARENTLY I can't donate blood because I might have hepatitis or herpes of the arm or something like that, which has left me a little miffed.

I didn't get a tattoo in a back alley next to the dumpster behind Sizzler. I got it in a well respected little shop in a nice city neighborhood. And anyway, I'm no doctor, but if I had Hep C wouldn't I be coughing up blood by now or turning green or crawling down the steps backwards? One year seems like an awfully long time to restrict tattoo-getters from donating blood, especially considering people need blood. And again, still not a doctor here, but I'm pretty sure I have some extra red stuff.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna show up to the drive anyway and have the nurses themselves tell me I can't donate. And if it happens to be a really cute male nurse, well then so be it. For the good of mankind.

Also, I would like you to know that this is one of the first pictures that pops up when you Google "hot male nurse:"

Where are your standards, Google?

And just for the record, I can't ever let a conversation involving blood go without bringing up blood muffins. Who's hungry?!

I'm making muffins asbestos I can!

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Ellie said...

Yarrrrrgh. Blood muffins. I feel queasy now...


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