Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's Song of the Week

I didn't get the job. Naturally, when I was told this yesterday I was all ohhhhhh GAAAAHH MY LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES. But then I "did some work," began to feel like human being again, and rounded off the day with some cookies and "500 Days of Summer."

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned here how much I love this movie. Not just love, but luuuuuurve. B and I saw it in theaters over the summer, and I skipped home, swinging my arms and smiling at every stranger on the street. I was more agreeable for days. I ended every sentence with "sweetie" and "darling." And then I left love letters for Paul all over the streets of Philadelphia.

I think it has something to do with all the adorable sweater vests. And this scene, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt bursts out of his apartment building after sleeping with Zooey Deschanal for the first time, is quite possibly my favorite scene of the entire movie. Maybe it's the idea of a street full of people breaking out into a dance routine, which happens to be a long-time dream of mine (it could happen). Maybe it's the Hall and Oates. Maybe it's the opportunity to watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt thrust his hips in my general direction. There's just something about it that makes me all warm and giggly inside. Whatever it is, this scene has brought me back from the shambles. And this song will be on my lips for the next week.

The only thing the clip below is missing is the part where JGL looks at himself in the car window and the reflection winking back is Hans Solo. Oooh here comes the warmth.



Sarah said...

I just saw that movie for the first time last night. I LOVED IT. I, too, turned to my bf with a giddy look on my face during the very same scene you just described and said "I love it! I kinda wish it could happen in real kinda, I mean I really do."

Deldila said...

although this ended up being a very heart-wrenching movie.. i love how hopeful and lovely this scene is.

I saw JGL in passing while in Austin last March. I did one of those "play it cool and keep walking" but i wanted to rush up and embarrass myself.

tatiana said...

I've been meaning to watch this movies for for-ev-a but your description of JGL hip thrusting (want!), Hall and Oates (double want!), and spontaneous musical scenes in the street (quadruple want [yeah, that's right I totally skipped triple!]) made me add it to my Netflix queue and move it number 1.

All that influence totally counts towards your "work" for the day.

Suzanne said...

sorry you didn't get the job :(

i finally watched that movie for the first time this past weeked, after about a hundred people telling me it was a MUST SEE. that whole dancing routine was my absolute favourite part - so cute! (it is only beaten by the part where hans solo winks back at him - even my hubby liked it :)

Deidre said...

Sorry - the job hunt sucks! I am right there with you...

Inspector Climate and I saw this movie on our first date and he texted me a few days later just to say that he had a such a great time with me that he inspired a spontaneously street dance-a-thon...

The movie is just so good.

Deidre said...

I just had a brilliant idea. Are you sitting down, Bridget?

We should
1. learn the dance routine (done, right?)
2. carry around Hall and Oates at all times (either their persons or just a boombox and the song).
3. stalk Joe and then start doing the dance routine while walking down the street then he'd have to join in...and then we'd have created our spontaneous dance moment.

It's just THAT easy.

Let's go team!

Bridget said...

Deidre, YOU ARE A GENIUS. I'm practicing my moves right now.

Hippo Brigade said...

The dancy-dance scene was weird for me. I thought the movie was fantastical, EXCEPT for the weird musical part. It didn't fit for me. And I usually love me a musical.
But whatever.


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