Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday's Song of the Week

Being as multiple people sent me this song over the past week, I think it's begging for a little Song of the Week action. It first came to me by way of blog comment. Tatiana was all ya gotta hear this song 'cause it's awesome but it's totally NSFW. This got me excited for two reasons:

1) Someone besides my mother is reading this blog.
2) I was at work when I read the comment and that little "NSFW" comment really buttered my bread because if there's one thing I love, it's inappropriateness in all things.

I weighed my options for about 1.4 seconds: Staying on the professional, appropriate side of the line during office hours orrrrr pushing play and getting some quick shits and giggles. I think we all know what happened next. Instant gratification for the win.

And boy was it worth it. Because this song? Is a song I can really get behind. It plays to all my likes right now: funky tunes and an excuse to say the word "fuck." Sorry, mom. Please to enjoy. Oh, and uhhh ... NSFW? Unless of course you have headphones like I do, then BLAST IT!


Anna said...

Love it! Funny how much trouble it's causing :)

rory said...

That is fuckin' hilarious.

tatiana said...

1. Um of course I read your blog. a) MD connection. b) Ardmore, PA residents in the hizouse. c) used to get so drunk in Boston. We are geographically linked but never actually in the same place at the same time.

Just watched the real video today and while the hipster in me loves the typography heavy version, the olde timey diner, chorus girls, and love spurned through the times really shines in the legit vid:


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