Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday's Song of the Week

In an effort to liven up this week because Jesus is punishing me for throwing words like dirty sex around in places B's mom can read, like this blog, so he's bringing winter back in March which is totally not fair because ENOUGH ALREADY and who do I have to show my boobies to to get a little warm weather around here? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be Jesus because I don't think he was a boobies man. Speaking of vaginas, I was chatting with a friend yesterday and she was all you really DO talk about your vagina a lot and you know what? This whole week has been a vagina and it's only Wednesday.

AS I WAS SAYING, in an effort to liven up this vagina of a week, I'm introducing a new weekly feature that will probably last about two weeks before I forget about it or get bored with it, called Wednesday's Song of the Week, where I'll choose one of my favorite songs of the moment and share it with you.

If you've driven anywhere with me for the past three months, you probably know that Kings of Leon's Only By the Night has pretty much been on constant rotation in my stereo. And just about every song on the album has at one point been my favorite. This week, it's Be Somebody.

There's just something about the thought of a sweaty man loosening his tie that makes me weak in the knees. Oh my gad.


Betsey Booms said...

Jesus is totally a boobies man. I mean c'mon, I just saw him on the side of the highway with his friend Juan, totally holding up signs encouraging me to show them my tits.

I didn't.

I fear now that I will go to hell.


Kelly said...

It's only appropriate to talk about both your vagina and Kings of Leon in the same post...because, well, that lead singer. Yum!

Also, I feel the same way about this album. I've always loved 'Closer' just a bit more than the other songs, but 'Manhattan' and 'Revelry' are favorites as well. I love the whole thing from those delicious boys.


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