Monday, February 16, 2009

UPDATED AGAIN: A weekend of love with Yellaphant

This weekend was all about love. And because Saturday was Valentine's Day, B put his years of practice of perfecting the way to my heart to work for the entire weekend. He bought me flowers cooked me dinner gave me fancy jewelry pumped me with booze and let me have my way for a full 48 hours.

On Friday B met me at our corner pub after work for happy hour. I love happy hour. And after a few drinks, we decided that we enjoyed this happy hour so much that we would stay for a few more drinks and maybe a cheeseburger or two. Which we did. And before we knew it, it was late and we were on the couch watching episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and we love Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Then on Saturday B sent me to the liquor store to pick out a bottle of wine for the night's dinner and I love going to the liquor store to pick out wine. And for me, choosing the right bottle of wine is kind of like eating potato chips. I can never buy just one.

Then there was dinner. And besides the delicious wine there was also food. And oh my gah the food. And one bottle of wine and some sauteed tilapia and grilled flounder later, we were on our way to the Ben Folds concert because B got us Ben Folds Ray LaMontagne tickets for Valentine's Day but we decided to head down to see if we could scalp a couple tickets anyway. We couldn't. But remember that bottle of delicious wine we just drank? We still had fun standing in the snow together.

So we went to the bar. Our favorite bar. And we talked and talked and talked and laughed while enjoying large glasses of heavy beer. And not only do we love laughing, but we love good beer.

And the next day, after a night of doing all those things we love, we did even more things we love. B went to play paddle tennis for the afternoon, and I spent the afternoon drinking cosmos with some fellow bloggers. Because after doing this blogging thing for a little bit of time now, I've found that the best part of the whole process is definitely getting free tampons connecting with people. So when Bossy (marry me, Bossy?) invited me to little meeting of bloggers, I proposed jumped at the chance.

Spending the afternoon in a room with intelligent, irreverent, and funny women was exciting. I met the ladies behind i am bossy, Well Read Hostess, Simply Nutmeg, Spinning Yellow, A Child is Born, Lemonade and Kidneys, The New Girl, and more but I can't remember the blogs that I'm forgetting right now because yesterday I was feeling the effects of something I like to call I drank far too much last night and while all the other ladies in the room were operating at a tick tick tick tick tick pace, I was feeling a bit more like tick ... tick ... ti ... ck, which is why those cosmos really came in handy. And by the end of the afternoon, I was in love. Marry me, ladies?

And after only knowing them for one day, they've already taught me a valuable lesson: I am not ready to have babies and could you please pass the booze? So be prepared to hear more from this growing group of bloggers because we've got plans. And as soon as we figure out what they are, we'll be all over them and I promise you there will be a lot of pants shitting when we are.

Updated: Now that I've had a few cups of coffee and I'm well into the midst of Monday, I remember who I forgot to remember in my haze of fatigue and cosmopolitans. Say hello to MemeGRL, Dream Kitchen, and Mothers of Brothers.

Updated Again: Take a look at Bossy's Favorite Things today for some photos of the group of nauseous women. And only one of them is pregnant.


Well Read Hostess said...

1) Yes I accept. I will marry you.
2) Nobody is ever ready to have babies. Even when you have babies. Even after your babies are no longer babies. Even when you still feel like a baby.
3) It's not that bad. Promise.
4) Glad you enjoyed the cosmos.
5) If you can talk so serenely about pants shitting, I hereby beg to differ, you absolutely are ready to have babies.
6) Sorry if we scared you.
7) Boo!
8) So glad you were there.

Well Read Hostess

Lora said...

I didn't even know that some of those bloggers were local.


I never meet bloggers in real life. Maybe I should put something together...

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Loved meeting you! You are adorable. And, look, I didn't even get married until I was 32, let alone have kids, so live it up, there's plenty of time for that nonsense and when you do have kids, I'm sure you'll be a natural.

I'm looking forward to whatever it is we're doing, too.

nutmeg said...

I was hung over too! Notice I stayed away from the cosmos. Fear of pantshitting maybe. Or puking. So happy to have met you!

BOSSY said...

That was super fun, but, hey, Bossy was as hungover as you and Nutmeg. Who. knew.


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